If you have longed searched for the best free samples by mail spot on the web you have found it right here at Freakin Freebies. Each day we filter through all the free stuff in order to pick out offers that we think will actually come by mail. While we cannot guarantee the delivery of ever sample you sign up for, we can promise you that we intentionally leave out the worst offers. Take a look below at all the savings available for you.

Most of us know how hard juggling the families budget can be, ever stressful at times. Keeping an eye out for opportunities to give your wallet a break should be considered. Whether it is searching for freebies, coupons, or looking at the free section of Craigslist, there are many things we can do for a little relief. Not only will freebies by mail save you a little money, but they might also help you find your new favorite product, maybe even inspiration. See the freebies below.

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Free Anti-Texting Bags

anti-texting bags

Sure, on the surface, Bag It! appears to be a simple orange pouch you put your phone in before driving, but it is so much more than that! This little bag is more than a physical barrier between a driver and his or her phone.

Dolce and Gabbana Freebie


Ladies, order a Dolce & Gabbana sample with the compliments of Dolce & Gabban Beauty. Who knows, it might be your new favorite.

Free Meow Mix Irresistibles

meow mix coupons

Join the Meow Mix Academy and submit a photo or video to receive a free product coupon redeemable for 3oz bag or smaller of Meow Mix Irresistibles Treats, up to a value of $1.75.

Free 2016 Calendars

free calendars

See what free 2016 calendars by mail are available now for the 2016 year. We will update this list as often as we find new offers. Most of the calendars will be mailed, while we will also occasionally include printable and digital calendars.

Free Southern Sail Sticker

southern sail

If you want a cool sticker while supporting a clothing company sign up for this free Southern Sail sticker.