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Free Samples by Mail Express! is your source for the very best and most legitimate freebies on the internet. Updated daily, we post the free samples by mail that we find several ways. Sometimes we are alerted to an offer by companies that would like to promote their products, we find the offers we post from our own hunting for samples, and we post freebies because of tips given to us by our most loyal visitors of our site. Our offers are fresh! Our goal is to save you time and money and we hope you appreciate our efforts. We will also try to make your experience here fun.

Companies and organizations are very willing to give away free stuff, but why? Well, if it is a company launching a new product and they want to get their name out there and have their product in the hands of consumers, it makes sense to give away free samples by mail. Just think, if you get something for free in the mail and really like it, you are probably willing to buy it in the future. Also, what if a competitor of theirs launches a new product and generates buzz, it might be time for giveaways. Sometimes organizations will give away free things in order to grow awareness for their cause. You never know what kind of free things you can find here!

How to I Get Free Stuff?

Getting free stuff is easy. In order to use our website and other free sites all you have to do is click the link accompanied by the corresponding offer. Once you click the link you will then be redirected to a new window with the sign up form. Now, the new window is no longer our site, it is the site of the company offering the freebie. The new window will include the form to fill out for the free sample. Usually they will ask for very basic information from you such as you name, mailing address, and email address. Then you just wait until someday you check you mail and get the freebie.

Not all freebies come, but most do. I would say that with my personal experience signing up for freebies by mail, I get about four out of five offers I sign up for. If you get all the free stuff you sign up for great! If there is a particular one you do not get through the mail please don’t get upset at us, we only are posting links to companies that are promising to deliver. We do not make any promises about the delivery, we just simply post the links, as do all other free sites. Thank you so much for visiting our site, below are the categories.

free stuff for home

Free Stuff for Home – It is always nice to get free things for the home, especially with the costs of items going up so much.  By visiting and using, you can!  By using our website to your advantage, you can get so much free stuff going to your home mailbox for the unforeseeable future, as our website is constantly updated.  What we want to do is help you get so many freebies for you house that you will wear an everlasting smile on your face.  Every time you go to the mailbox you will have butterflies.  Among the free stuff by mail you can get from this category are free magazines, bars of soap, detergents and more!    Even if you have extra money to spend and maybe don’t even need free stuff for you home, we just never know when a rainy day will come in which we should have taken advantage of deals.  Also, you might just find a new favorite product, which is the goal of the companies giving these products away in the first place!

 free baby stuff

Free Baby Stuff – Holy cow, having babies is mightily expensive!  That is my new realization as a new time parent.  Constant trips to the stores can be very depressing as you are spending dollars and dollars on items such as diapers, baby wipes, formula, a walker and more, where is the relief?  Money just pores out of the wallet for me, a purse if you are a female.  Where is the relief?  We all know that our babies are worth everything but a some relief helps, and that is where the baby category comes in. The baby category includes coupons and of course freebies that will save you a little money during parenthood.  Sometimes you will get flat out baby freebies and other times you can join their email list to acquire savings on future purposes.  Don’t worry Mommy or Daddy, we will make it, we always do.


Free Beauty Stuff – Who says looking good costs a lot of money?  Sure, we do not have the money the movie stars do that will allow us to look like we are 20 with no surgery, but, we can save money by finding the best deals and even free beauty stuff!  With all the beauty products out there who has the money to see what exactly works.  Many claims and many promises about products that may or may not help.  We are not only discussing beauty for the night, but long term preservation of looks.  Our free beauty stuff category offers many free samples by mail and coupons to allow you to test cosmetic products before you spend good money on them.  Once you find the product just right for you by sampling, then you’ve got it.  There are so many useless products out there, find the no risk opportunity option as you sample free beauty stuff!

 free pets stuff

Free Pets Stuff – Don’t forget about the dog, cat, or other pets, there is free stuff for them also!  We can’t find free deals for pets everyday, but when we do pet owners are happy and so are the pets.  By consistently signing up for these offers you pet well get excited every time you go to the mailbox.  Dog’s tails wag, cats jump onto the highest thing in the house, and birds tweet as loud as they can.  As you come back into the house from the mailbox, you bet will either be happy or disappointed if there is nothing for him or her.  Usually this category with have some kind of pet food in addition to other random free pets stuff.  There is also a variety of savings that are useful since we all know how expensive owning a pet can be.

 free stickers

Free Stickers by Mail – You never know what kind of free stickers you will find here.  They are sometimes given by brands or causes you are aware of, and sometimes you will find stickers that will make you scratch your head.  This category is usually full of option from bumper stickers to free decals.  During political elections a ton of free stickers are offered by local, state, and federal candidates and also by political groups.  Once they show up at your home you are free to stick them where ever you’d like.

 clothes freebies

Clothes Freebies – These can be pretty rare but when they make an appearance they go pretty fast.  Items such as free shirts, caps, and bracelets are periodically offered for freebie hunters.  In order to get quick alerts when free clothing samples become available please sign up for our newsletter located on the top right of this page.