How to Get Free Samples Delivered Through Mail

Our goal is to bring to your attention the many free samples by mail available to order on the internet. Once you find out how many cool freebies are there for the taking you may become hooked. Okay then, how do you get free stuff? Knowing how to get free samples delivered through the mail is simple, especially since sites like our list current free samples all in one place. First, find an offer you are interested in and click on the heading. Then, read the description and click on the “Check Availability” link. Then, fill out the form required by the new website you just opened. Each sign up form will be different. Please never leave your mailing address in our comments box, we are not the ones giving out the samples … we just list them.

Free Lucy Pet Formulas For Life Pet Food Samples

lucy pet products

Request high quality pet food samples for your dog or cat. Lucy Pet’s food has special Prebiotic Balanced Fiber that will make your friend satisfied. Try it out before you buy though for a limited time.

Free Pirate Pride Bandana

free bandana

Complete the form on Seton Hall University’s page to request a free Pirate Pride bandana.

Free Next to Nature Sample

next to nature

Need laxatives? Fill out the form to try Next to Nature laxatives to become a brand new person.

Free Agadir for Men Sample

agadir men free sample

FREE Agadir Men Hair Gel, Hair & Body Wash or Beard Oil Sample – Agadir is offering up a free sample of Gel, Hair & Body Wash Beard Oil (sample sent is based on availability).

Free Sample of Joint Movement Glucosamine

joint movement

Order a free sample of Joint Movement Glucosamine. You’ll receive a free 1 oz. sample. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Free Spider Chart and First Aid Guide

spider identification chart

Get a free spider chart and first aid guide.  The full color of dangerous and other spiders commonly found in USA – features the brown recluse, black widow, hobo spider, mouse spider, wolf spider, huntsman and many other spiders with notes to aid in identification and first aid advice for spider bites. 

Free Bayer Aspirin Keychain

free bayer keychain

Get a free Bayer Asprin Keychain. Scroll down or click where it says ‘Take the Pledge and click the ‘I Pledge’ button to sign up to receive a free Bayer Aspririn Keychain to keep your aspirin with you.

Free Splenda Sweetener Sample


Want a free sample of Splenda Naturals Stevia Sweetener? Fill out their form to request a free Splenda Sweetener sample by mail.

Avery Pro Products Sample

If planning to run the product, select an individual pack for best results. If choosing the variety pack, please make sure to adjust your printer settings before running each individual sample sheet, as they may require different settings..

Sekkisei Facial Mask & 24ml Lotion

Request this Sekkisei sample lotion and facial mask for a limited time only! How to get free sample.