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Free Rubber Flooring Samples

Fill out your information on this page to get free rubber flooring samples by mail. Rubber flooring samples are simply a means to communicate the general characteristics and material composition of the rubber mat or flooring product. 

Vinyl Shutter Samples

vinyl shutters

If you are considering a change to your house soon these vinyl shutter samples may interest you.  We are allow to choose up to five different samples. 

Free Pool Test Kit

pool test kit

Request a free pool test kit offered by the Water Quality & Health Council. Make sure your family and friends are swimming in a safe pool this summer by checking the pH, acid, and chlorine levels on a regular basis.

Free Preparedness Kit

Sign up to receive a free preparedness kit by mail.  Select what natural disasters occur in your part of the country.  Then fill in your name and address to get the kit to help save your family if a disaster comes. 

Free Farmer Kit Request

Get a free farmer kit from Take Action on Weeds that includes a herbacide classification poster, “Eleven that Threaten” guide, a take action pledge, and a weed classification guide.

Free HB-101 Sample


Sign up for a free HB-101 sample by mail.  HB-101 is an organic plant enhancer. HB-101 plant vitalizer is a purely natural extract derived from the portion of a plant that is most important in its development process. 

Free Chicken Cock Whiskey Cap

Get a free Chicken Cock Whiskey cap as you help them celebrate getting 20,000 likes.  Invite at least ten friends and they will send you the free hat.  It looks really nice.

Free Mini Puff Phone Cleaner

Get a free mini puff phone cleaner as Familia Camarena Tequila begins its preparation to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  This has a very easy freebie form, you must be 21 years of age to sign up for this. 

Tide Detergent Freebies

These Tide detergent freebies are great for those who’d like to experiment with their laundry.  Choose 1 of the samples and put it to the test.  Not all detergents are the same so possibly the sample you choose will become your favorite detergent.

Bee Line Hemp Wick Freebie

Bee Line Hemp Wick is giving away freebies, what a great offer. After signing up you will receive (2) packs of their 100% certified global organic hemp wick and also (2) free stickers that you will be able to stick just about anywhere. If you are interested please sign up now, offer is available only while supplies last.